Manthehage Island Dive Spot

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Barakuda Point

This dive site is for experienced divers only as you will often encountervery strong currents with the possibility of the downcurrent. If you’re lucky you will see large scholls of Baraccudas. Other fish found here Snapper, Titan Tringgerfish, Grouper and Bannerfish. Sometimes you will see Hammerhead sharks, Jacks and more…..The coral here is mostly soft coral. Rated : Advanced diver; depth 15-35m; wall; av vis 25m; currents.


This another special site for experienced the local dialect,Gorango means ‘Sharks’. This sloping reef wall houses nice soft and hard corals. Moderate to strong currents make for good drift dives. The type of fish you expect to encounter are Triggerfish, Grey Sharks, Snapper Bumphead parrotfish and Turtles. Hammerhead sharks maybe at the deeper part of the reef. Raed : Advanced diver, depth 15-35m; wall; av vis 25m; currents.


This sloping wall houses special Macro fish, soft coral, Lionfish and few different types of Nudbribanches, Snaper,Emperor Angelfish and Triggerfish are common here.Many soft coral and hard corals. Rated : Advanced diver; depth 15-35m, Sandy slope; av vis 20m; current.

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