Nain Island Dive Spot

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Jalan Masuk

This rrip also is for experienced divers. There is often a strong current. Reef Whitetip shark are commonly spotted here. Many schooling tropical fish including Bumphead parrotfish and Parrotfish can be seen. Soft corals, sponges and more……..Rated: Advanced diver; depth 15-35m; av vis 20m; currents.

Batu Kapal

Barraccudas, Whitetip reef Sharks, Sponge Crabs are common sight here. Cleaner Shrimps, Scorpionfish, Large Nudibranches and Cuttlefish are also found at this dive site. Rated Adv diver; Depth 15-30m; av vis 20m; wide reef flat reef; currents.

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