Bunaken Dive Spot

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Lekuan I

A very popular diving spot, lekuan I is home to the Bannerfish, Napoleon Wrasses, and large school of Pyramid Butterflyfish. It also possible to see Turtles and Anglefish here. At 35 meters it is common to encounter Blacktip Sharks and large Trevallies – this is not for the faint hearted ! Rated : Advance diver with 20 loggdeg dives; currents; average visibility 30m.

Lekuan II

This steep coral withvertical canyons offers you a nice moderate drift dive. The reef is swarming with numerous school of tropical reef fish swimming around a variety of soft and hard corals from the top of reef down to 20 meters. Butterflyfish and Bannerfish are a common sight here. It is also possible to encounter Napoleon Wrasses, Turtles, and sharks.Rated : Vertical wall; adv diver; depth 10-25m; currents; av vis 30m.

Lekuan III

One of the most beautiful dies off Bunaken. A very special site for night diving. Barracudas, Reef Whitetip Sharks, Bamboo Sharks and Sponge Crabs are common here. Cleaner shrimp, Scorpionfish, large Nudibranches, Cuttlefish, Spainsh Dancer, Basket Stars are seen here. Anything is possible…….Rated : Begeiner diver; Vertical wall diving; depth 5 – 25; av vis 35m.

Cela – Cela

This site s located right in front of our beach. It offers excellent visibility. It is common to see reef Sharks here. Spotted Eagle Rays can also be seen. Numerous schooloing tropical reef fish and an excellent variety at soft and hard coral are found here. Special night die with many interesting caves and also access into 20 meter deep crevices. This spot offers underware photographers a special view with the sunlight streaming through the big sissures in the wall. Rates: Beginner diver; vertical wall diving; depth 5-25m; av vis 35m.

Alung Banua

This diving spot is only 10 minutes by boat from our office. During night dives it is possible to see Giant Napoleon Wrasses sleeping in their home caves in the reef wal at a depth of 10 meters and 13 meters. In addition, it is possible to encounter Bluesspotted Rays, Sharks, Scorpionfish, Crocodilefish, Nudibranches, a pair of white leaf Scorpionfish and also schools of Bumphead parrotfish swimming around the small caves and overhangs. A good dive ! Rated : Beginner; vertical wall diving; currents; depth 5-25cm.

Fukui Point

Good dive for beginners. Sloping reef. Spotted Garden feel, Giant Clams, Bumphead Parrotfish, Large Size Barracudas, Napoleon Wrasses,a big school of Batfish and Pelagic fish are common here. Spotted Eagle Rays may be found. Barel Sponges are a common sight here. Big fish and lots of action. Rated : Advanced diver; depth 5 – 25m; av vis 30m; occasional current.

Mandolin Point

The current range moderate to strong at this dive site. You will enjoy small school of reef fish, Angelfish, Gobbies, Bumphead Parrotfish and large size Barracudas. Nice coral, pristine reef, large Gorgonian fans and Ascidians. At a depth of 35m it is possible to see Reef Blacktip Sharks in a widw cave in the reef wall. Rated: Advances diver; depth 5-40m; av vis 30m; strong current.

Raymond’s Point

This site is very close to Mandolin Point. The site is known for its’large cave, many Lobsters,Emperor Angelfish, Groupers, Sting Rays and possibly small Spotted Eagle Rays. Many small schools of fish live here. Banded Sea Snakes are a common sight at the top of the reef. Nice soft and hard coral.Rated : Advances diver; depth 5-35m; av vis 30m; strong current.

Mike’s Point

This dive site is a 30 minute boat-ride from our base of operations on Bunaken Island. This is good spot for deep diving. Large Pelagic may be found here, as well as Spotted Eagle Rays, Lobsters and big Groupers. You may even see large Sharks at the deeper parts of the reef. Beautiful Gorgonians Seafens and all defferent types and color of Sponges are carpeting the reef floor.Rated : Advanced diver; depth 15-40m; av vis 25m; strong currents.

Sachiko’s Point

Tis popular dive site provides a stunning wall breath-taking soft and hard coral at the top of the reef. Reef black tip sharks, Stonefish, Several types of Moray eels, and many small schools reef fish snd large Gorgonians are found here. At the deeper levels, you will find some nice caves.Rated : Advances diver; vertical wall diving; depth 5-30m; a vis 30m.

Tanjung Parigi

This dive site is located right at the northern part of bunaken Island. It has vertical winding wall, with an exposed reef top. Surgeonfish, Rabbitfish, Parrotfish, Large Jacks and other Pelagic fish are seen here. It is also possible to find huge Barrel sponges, beautiful black coral and Gorgonians. There can be strong current. Rated : Advanced dive; depth 15-30m; winding wall; av vis 30m; currents

Bunaken Timur

This dive site is located at the timur (East) part of Bunaken Island, right next to Bunaken village. Beautiful soft coral is found at shallower depths. Ascidians, Spotted Eagle Rays,Turtles, Nudibranches, Shrimpfish, Butterflyfish and Sharks are pretty common here. It is a special site for marso photography. Rated : Advanced diver; vertical wall diving; depth 5-25m, a vis 25m; strong currents

Muka Kampung

Muka Kampung means “in front of village”. It is located at the southem tip of Bunaken Island. Currents may be extremely strong – giving you a nice, fast underwater ride. Napoleon Wrasses, Reef black and white tip sharks, Lobster and Moorish Idols are found here.it is possible to see big turtles and various schools of fish. The wall contains many vertical crevices and canyons. Rated : Advanced diver; vertical wall diving; depth 15-30m; av vis 25m.

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