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Watu Pinabetengan

A megalithic stone of then ancestors of Minahasa, its surface is covered with crude, mysterious live drawings and scripts which have never beendeciphered. According to Minahasa historic, this is the place where the ncestors first devided up the land amog the people (Watu Pinabetengan means “The stone of discussion about the division”) The ruling was made in order to ensure a peaceful and harmonious life. 7 division were made amongst different ars of Tombulu, Tonsea, Toulour, Tomtemboan, Tonsawang, Ponosokan and Pasaan Ratahan. This is located in Tompaso, about 45 km from Manado.


An ancient of Minahasan ancestors consist of 144 Sarcophagi, wich is a remnat of the Megalithic age. It has special historical value.specific Sarcophagus known as “Waruga” are unique square with holes in the middle and prism shaped lids. The artistic aspect of the Sarcophagus is known by the decoration sculpture and craving around the tombs and the lids with Various motifs such as of human beings, plants, animals, stings, curis, double braids. Located in Sawangan village about 24 km from Manado.

Tangkoko Batu Angus

A nature reserve on open grassland covered with the great variety of plant. Located on the slops of mount “Dua Saudara”, the area is compoed of impressive green hills and valleys with amazingly scenic views of matural beauty. There are black apes.maleo birds,Snakes,Wild Pigs, Hombilis and Rusa Deer.located north of Bitung, it covers an area of 3,196 ha. This nature reserve has several cottages and small restaurants nearby. It is only reachable by four wheel drive jeeps from Girian village over a rough road.

Lake Tondano

About 36 km southwest of Manned is lake Tondano, 600m above sea level. The drive to Tondano passes through picturesque villages and clove plantations. Situated right on the adge of the lake is the Remboken Tourist site, an ideal place for water skiing, fishing and boating, Bungalows, hot water swimming pool and restaurants are available.


This hot water bathing sport is surrounded by rice fields. The hot water sources lay scattered on the ground. Bungalows are available at Koya village about 3 km from Tondano.

Japanese Cave

A cavernous hill side area alog the road between Kiawa and Kawangkoan. The caves were built by the Japanese during world war two,use as supplies storage.

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