Siladen Dive Spot

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A very nice spot for both snorkeling and diving. This site is located off Siladen Island – about a 45 minute trip by boat. There is a variety of exquisite soft corals at the reef top. Turtles, Napoleon Wrasses and other small creatures are common sights here. Groupers, Butterflyfish, Sting Rays and Spotted Eaglr Rays are possible to encounter. The currents are moderate to strong.Rated : Advanced diver; Vertical wall diving; depth 5-30m; av vis 25m; strong currents.

Sladen Utara

This dive site is located right behind Silend Island. The current is moderate to strong – making it a site for experienced divers. This is good place to see Turtles. Snappers, Emperor Angelfish and reef white tip sharks are also found here. A lot of mcro life at the stepped sandy bottom. Rated : Advanced diver; depth 15-25m; av vis 25m; strong currents.

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