The Bungalows on Bunaken Island

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On the island you have the choice amongst a large number of basic homestays which usually charge Rp35-45.000 per day and person incl, fullboard. You have to be a fish lover though…..Most of them are located on Bunaken’s main beach, Liang, at the west side of island, some others on the east side Pangalisang. The Cottage that we recommended are Bastiano Cottage (10 $ fullboard, and Panorama Cottage 5 $ fullboard), great people there, and the place is small and family-style, unlike some others on the island. You can make a reservation as well. Someone from Panorama or Bastiano’s cottage staff will pick you. Note. We Sulawesi Dive Quest only running at the diving activity and on for accommodation ! But our staff can help by giving informations that you need.

How to go to Manado and Back to Bunaken Island
If you are staying on Bunaken Island now and you want to visist Manado town, you can get Public Boat in the morning start from 07.00 sharp you should be on the beach before that time.You will reach in manado harbor around 9 in the morning (takes 2 hours). When you comeback to Bunaken Island you will have be on the harbor around 1.00 in the afternoon so you will not miss it. Note. The pulic boat running only once a day! so Better Be Early!

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