Bukit Kasih Kanonang

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If you visit North Sulawesi and have no interest to swim or dive, Bukit Kasih Kanonang in Kawangkoan Area will offer you a unique experience in your visit because there are various things to do when you get there.
The destination between Bukit Kasih and Manado is around 50 kms and you can reach it whether by renting a car or using general transportation by spending Rp.10.500 from Manado to Kawangkoan and then Rp.5.000 from Kawangkoan Terminal to Bukit Kasih. Finally, to enter the place, you just have to pay Rp.1.000/person, Rp.3.000 for a car and motorcycle and Rp. 5.000 for a bus.
Now, let’s say, you have entered Bukit Kasih. So, what will you do now? Firstly, I suggest you to take a walk in a long stairs (some people say, it’s looked almost the same with The Great Wall in China,hehehe) to reach the statues of Toar and Lumimuut (Persons who are believed as the ancestors of Minahasa) and also five worship places for religions in Indonesia. When you have already conquered the stairs, do not forget to take pictures there so you can show it to your friends when you go back to your country.
Secondly, you must visit a natural boiling water sulphurous-contained which is believed can cure some kinds of skin diseases.

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