Main Land Dive Spot

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Tanjung Pisok

This site is good for both beginner and experienced divers. Slope and walldiving with moderate to strong currents. Beautiful reef top with Cuttlefish, Lobster, Bumphead parrotfish and many macro creatures. Nice soft anh hard corals. Many sightto see with average visibility to 15m. Rated : adv diver; depth 15-30m; av vis 20m; wide reef flat; stong currents.

Molas Shipwreck

The Molas ship was a twin propelled Japanese Carrier Warship. The Shipwreck is sitting upright with the port side facing the reef. The bottom of the hull lays between 30 and 40m with the propellers at the deepest part. Bring your dive light to view this wreck. Leaf fish and Scorpion fish can be seen at the bow of boat. Jaw fish peeping from their holes and Flying Gunnarda are common sights on this sandy bottom reef. Rated adv diver; depth 15-30m; av vis 20m; currents.

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